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April 25, 2011
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Kelly + Sparkle - Post Ep15 by TrainerKelly Kelly + Sparkle - Post Ep15 by TrainerKelly
I made this picture for the Kelly's Journey chapter preview banners dA likes you to upload when you upload stories. Obviously the banner version is modified, but this is the full image (with a different background).

This is actually the second version of the image - I chose to put this one in my main gallery because it contains several details (Sparkle's bows and Kelly's choker) that they always have. They don't have them for the first couple of KJ episodes, so the first version reflects that.

I actually REALLY like how this came out, save for Sparkle (but that's because my inability to draw Pikachu - I'm working at it though). I'm quite glad this came out a lot better than the last picture I drew of Kelly. I think she looks a lot cuter in this one. Probably because of her big eyes.

8D I'm also quite happy she has what I call the "Squirtle Smile" going on. =P I call it that because the smile reminds me of Squirtle. Some of the characters do it, especially Ash.

Comparing this to my previous KJ preview pictures, MAN, I improved.



First Version - [link]
WIP Screenshot - [link]
Sketch - [link]
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Sara-Sakurahime May 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
your oc is very pretty =) and i like the pikachu with the ribbons black <333
>w< Thank you very much~
RussellStar Apr 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
How best to describe this picture?
Hmmmmmm.....................Oh, I know KAWAII!!

Ok, sorry I just really had say it. Anyway great pic.
Is she like Ash's sister or something?
Forgive me for not knowing...
=] Nope, they're not related at all. I'm actually glad you said that though - it makes the ongoing jokes of people mistaking them for siblings seem more legitimate. XD (And Ash's sister would be this little girl here.)

She's the star of Kelly's Journey, which is an ongoing rewrite/fanfiction project I'm working. It mostly retells the stories of the TV series with a few added characters and new stories here and there.

Her design similarities to Ash is the fault of my 7/8 year old self (old paint drawing from 2001 to 2003 or something, harharhar). =P Even though she's gone through a few design changes, she still has bangs similar to his (but that's got to do with my own personal taste for bangs like that) and still has a strange...habit, I guess you could call it at this point...of copying Ash's clothes simply because she likes them.
Ah... that clears it up. Thanks.
^^ You're welcome~
the-dragon-childe Apr 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like this. Kelly does look cute here! And I actually think Sparkle turned out nice - I always did like the bows. :) One question - does she still have the chip in her tail, or have I been looking at outdated references? :XD:

Looking forward to seeing the bows and choker come in in-story. :meow:
=D Thank you~

?! o_o Crap, I forgot about it! D8 I'll go fix it now! (I can't believe I forgot. OTL
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