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January 22, 2012
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KeEmi - In the Club by TrainerKelly KeEmi - In the Club by TrainerKelly
The stuff I owe is coming! It's coming! I wanted to throw some non-older art into the mix though, which is where this particular picture comes in.

I was watching Community today and wanted to draw a single picture while watching it rather than do lineart or work on my comic. I browsed a site I often visit and came across this picture. The girl(s) in that picture are from a series called Shuffle!.

My good friend, Emiline, has suggested some poses from Shuffle! when I was in a pose idea slump, which prompted me to draw this picture.

It's my Pokémon FC, Kelly, and her Pokémon FC, Emiko. I made their outfits at random, though they are loosely inspired by the ones in the reference picture (Emiko's more than Kelly's - you can't tell, but Kelly's wearing a jumpsuit with something tied around her waist that looks similar to a skirt).

I had no idea what to do for the background when I finished this picture. e_e; I was listening to some rave music though and decided that I was going to make it like they went clubbing or something like that. Just because. I think their outfits fit that setting too.

I'm guess Kelly got sort of dragged out to the club and things haven't exactly been going correctly all that day. Emiko comes over and tries to hug her and encourage her to go and have some fun, but I think Kelly probably would rather return home.

Before new watchers start asking, Kelly's my Pokémon fan character who is named after me. She is not me.

Pose Reference - [link]
Emiko © Emiline
Kelly © Me