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November 29, 2011
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CrysMichiRod Trio by TrainerKelly CrysMichiRod Trio by TrainerKelly
WEIRDEST TRIO BUNCH EVER. Okay, maybe not ever, but they still look like an odd group. They're original story characters and they're from a short story of mine. These three end up doing a bit of traveling together.

Crystal is the blonde chick who unintentionally looks like a hippie to me. She came from some village (the "X" designs on her shirt tell you which village she's from). She runs away from home after a fight with her parents and ends up in a country where all things nightmarish live WHICH I LOVE TO DEATH .

Michika is a hari-onago or a "hook haired woman" who appears in her late teens or her early twenties, but has lived about 300 years at this point. She still acts rather young though and appears to be rather oblivious, happy go lucky, and a bit mischievous. She's homoromantic and quadsexual. Due to her being a hari-onago, if a male is to laugh back at her when she laughs at him, she will attack him with her hook hair, usually unintentionally. Occasionally intentionally. Michika is who Crystal meets first. She has a bit of a thing for Crystal. ;D

Rod is half leprechaun and some sort of forest guardian. He had a crush on Michika for quite a while and made the mistake of laughing back at her when she giggled at him. She just naturally attacked him with her hair without a thought, but ended up retracting it realizing, well, her hook hair was attacking him. The two became friends shortly after she apologized. After a while his crush on her faded, but Michika continuously made fun of him for it.

Basically, in this picture, they're traveling for who-knows-what-reason. Crystal is pretty determined to get to where ever they're going and is thinking about it, not realizing what's going on behind her. Michika is teasing Rod with her hook hair and he's pretty angry about it, especially since she's all ready linked onto his arm with her hair.

Such a weird trio...

Michika's hair was super fun to draw.

All their colours are subject to change, especially since this is my first time having them in colour. And my first time drawing Rod. His clothes might change too, but I kind of like what he's maybe not.