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November 4, 2011
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CE - Photographed Memory by TrainerKelly CE - Photographed Memory by TrainerKelly
My contest entry for =xxNINTENDORKxx's contest. I was originally going to do something A LOT bigger for it, but "Cleanser 2" has worn me out too much to do something that big. I might go back and finish it later 'cause it would be a shame for me not to. So at the last second, I did...well, this.

I actually REALLY like how this came out, minus Kelly's face. Two humanoid characters appears to be my limit for drawing decent faces, so Kelly's got butchered in the end. OTL Sorry Kelly, I love you. <3

eiofheihfe I apologize for the horrible background. I reeeeaaalllyyy need to learn how to do trees.

I'm guess Daisy took the picture. XD

I miss doing this corkboardish effect as backgrounds. I remember I made mini corkboards for my MySpace profile years ago.

Erm...hope you like it, Nintendork. 8D It was fun to do~

Alternate version - [link]
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RussellStar Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it!
They all look great together. It's always good to enjoy time with one's friends.
>w< Thank you~
Warped-Dragonfly Nov 4, 2011  Student General Artist
Woah, that's awesome! :wow: It looks like Kelly, Lauren and Mellissa are having a good time together in this picture ^^ I love the effect of the photo itself, since it looks like it came right out of the anime, and it's a good idea too : D
Thanks for entering! :hug: This is a great thing to wake up to <33
>w< Thanks! I'm sure they were. =P Who knows what kind of hijinks were going on in the Pokémon world that brought them together, haha.


x3 You're welcome! I'm glad you like it! ;D And glad it was nice to wake up to~

NOW...back to drawing sofilpaketch images, haha.
Warped-Dragonfly Nov 4, 2011  Student General Artist
You're welcome ^^ I bet Melissa and Lauren would definitely be good friends, though, especially since they both like paul XD
XDD I bet that too.

omg. I need to send you what I was originally planning to do for your contest. ihfihen I think it's kind of entertaining. Lemme round up all the pages, zip them, and upload them to my site's server. XD
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